Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween - spot the difference!

I was told off by Niamhy for just doing spots so had to make the other side scarey!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Good Days

Well it seems that I am forever apologising at the moment for not posting regularly enough about what is going on. All I will say is that the ukulele cover is still not finished!

Meanwhile though today has been a huge success. Made by Me ran a taster session this afternoon where you could come along and see what we were all about. There were 5 sewing projects and china decoration to do so not chance at all to be bored.

The Guide Hall was all set up with plenty of things to inspire including a rather charming twig stolen from the kitchen at home decorated with mini bunting (one of the projects which proved quite popular today) and these charming little chubby robins.

The infamous spotty cases of goodies; trims, buttons, threads etc were out as were my favourite ric rac spools

No afternoon of crafting is really complete without a cuppa and cake so we ensured that there was a well stocked tea stall. It was wonderfully manned by Cait and her friend Rosie. All afternoon they looked after us making sure that everyone had a drink and we raised some funds for Light Up Hassocks along the way.

As soon as 2pm struck the door was open and people started coming in and it wasn't long before people settled down to craft and chatter.

Elaines table was full to capacity almost straight away but there was chance later for Jordan and Luke to join her and have a go too. Having mastered making aprons form pillowcases they were both happy to have a got at lots more. Well done boys- for first time users of sewing machines you were both excellent.

At the sewing table the suffolk puff corsages proved the most popular and there were some really great creations.

Being a tad chilly and damp outside perhaps it was no surprise that it seemed people chose the warmer winter fabrics with lots of tweeds and wools used.

The second most popular sewing project was the pillowcase apron. As I mentioned earlier, Luke and Jordan both had a go but so did many others. Not all of my photos have come out that well but this piccie has thankfully. A great one completed by Mary.

... and another by Teresa.

 Elaines china table was much in demand and some of the talent was just amazing. These are just some of the wonderful creations... proof maybe that everyone really can achieve something wonderful whether you consider yourself artistic or not.

I can't mention the day without thanking my wonderful mum who travelled down to help and without her the sewing table would have been organised chaos. The response had been great and there was no way that I could have helped everyone on my own.

I should probably also mention my wonderful Mr B who had prepared and cooked dinner ready just minutes after I got home from packing up, despite the fact that he was out with lads and not eating at home tonight. Thank you Mr B.

When Elaine and I first mentioned running this afternoon I only hoped that people would come and enjoy themselves. That they would get lost in an afternoon of sewing or china, forget about worries and  chatter away. To see it all come to life just like that this afternoon was really lovely. I am so very pleased and Elaine and I have great plans for a similar event in the Spring.... but maybe we can make a day of it with some crusty rolls and some soup! (if you want to ensure that you hear about it pop to Made and Making and join the mailing list!)


Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's true what they say.....

... about running your own business - you may never have worked so hard. Time just seems to be flying by at the moment where I am so busy. If I am not teaching, then I'm making and if I'm not making then I am preparing the next lessons, bits for the website or the next important step for the business. But it is all great fun and I am not complaining at all.

Anyway this last week has been extra busy as I have had to make extra time to welcome a new addition to our family. Meet Maebh, pronounced Mayvie.

Just before we went on holiday our lovely cat Caoimhe (keeva) went missing. She was last seen on the  Friday morning and we left on the Saturday leaving Mr B's parents here cat sitting a cat that was missing. We are hoping that she did return and just didn't fancy the new arrangements. Hopefully she has found a lovely new home, we've certainly done lots to try and find her if she wanted to come back. It's been very sad for all of us though as we had got quite use to having a small furry member of the family. After 7 weeks had passed we decided that any likelihood of a return was perhaps past and went in search of a new addition.

So Maebh came from the same home and was born on nearly the same day as Caoimhe, only one year later. She's a very very friendly cat, snuggling with anyone who arrives at the house and just loves company. Following me around like a shadow when I am at home and calling out if you leave the room and she hadn't noticed. It's so nice to have a pet around again and she is ever so playful. Our house feels like a home again. 

Being so busy recently, it dawned on me the other day that maybe I had not been very creative recently. Most sewing projects are more work based and I've been struggling to find a balance in the evenings when I might otherwise have sewn. I now feel compelled to continue down my to do list. If anyone has any tips on how to manage this they would be most welcome. When Mr B was off cycling my late nights were totally work based, a year ago I would have been happily crafting all sorts. I have however put together a few birthday cards this last month and I have a new Ukulele case in the offing as Niamhy is now learning it at school and will soon be able to take her own in to use. It's a work in progress but I am determined to finish it this week as it really shouldn't take too long. (I wonder.... will that happen?!)

Lots of things catch my eye to inspire me though and none more so than a tin of beads or buttons. So I'm going to share a piccie that I took last weekend. It's the way that the colours fall together that I love and it get s the brain thinking in a whole new way. I'm still in my huge felt mode and I can feel some new little decorations being created this week to hang on my infamous twigs.

 For a calming thought I shall leave you with these pics taken earlier today.

Last night we had some dear friends come over for dinner and they brought with them a charming bouquet of flowers. For someone that loves so much that is bright and colourful i do adore a simple green and white arrangement and these look so charming on the end of the kitchen table. It's been beautiful outside and we've had a wonderful stroll by the sea down at Ferring. The flowers on the table just add a spring to your step.