Friday, 28 October 2011


So it's time to make my room messy! Not that hard really.... it quite often is. This time though it will be with a real purpose. I have written a list of the sorts of things that I think might sell well at the event at the end of November. I'm now trying to pull together a selection of items but I'm thinking it might be tricky judging quantities.... however there's no reason why I can't take orders if something sells really well and I run out of stock. The trick will be to hit a variety of price points so that there is something for everyones purse.

I thought I would start by taking some inspiration from a cushion I made last year, still one of my favourites and lots of people comment on it which is a good place to start.

The cutting mat has been out and production has begun. I love the colours that I chose before but to cater for a variety of tastes I've made a purple/pink one too. If it doesn't sell little Niamh has already declared it hers!

I've also got a lot of wooden beads in a pot ready for another project and I just love the colours here too. when you jumble things up like this it's amazing what colour combination gems you start to spot.

Little steps.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


So I've decided that it was time that I had some sort of logo. Something that represents what I do. I have been pondering about it for a while and recently was able to get access to Adobe Illustrator which has spurred me into action. As I have now also decided to have my first proper sale at the end of November at a village event I thought I'd better get on with it.

I love images of birds and I am brightonbirdy so using a bird seemed the obvious choice. I wanted it to try and represent what I do though as the name doesn't give any insight alone. So I cunningly reused a decoration that I had made for when Niamh turned 5. It all spotty and was the theme for her party. To represent the handmade element of what I do I added some stitch lines around the outside. I really like it. Clean, crisp with colours that I love.

I then needed to add the name and wanted to stick with red text which is what I use for my sew in labels. so then the logo became this.
I'm really pleased with it, I have an identity! The next step will be to get some cards printed with it for use at the sale and of course to pop at the top of my blog!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Gorgeous Blanket

Doing a little late night surfing and have stumbled across this gorgeous blanket. The website of  Coco Rose Diaires is definitely worth a visit. 

 Stunning. Totally. Would love to think that I could pull this off but can't help thinking that my crochet technique isn't up to it yet.

Found another great inpsiring blog too. This time a lovely lady called Lucy who writes under Attic 24. I think she's a bit of inspiration for me because she has the most wonderful blankets but hasn't been crocheting for years and years. She has such a fantastic eye for colour.

My two favourites are.....



So I've been away but I've decided that it's time to come back. Shortly after the move Niamh started school, in the midst of all the building works,  and then I got a promotion at work which has kept me rather busy. One year on I'm beginning to find some balance again and at last feel ready to be able to put the blog back in action on what will hopefully be a regular basis.

I also thought I'd post a piccie of my latest creation which was a ukelele cover for Cait. I had some Cath Kidston fabric in my cupboard and had recently made some red piping for a window seat cover. It was one of those projects which all just came together. It wasn't without a few issues but after a little unpicking it worked just fine in the end. And most importantly Cait seems to like it!

The job for this weekend is to get a patchwork blind up in the utility room. I've made the patchwork and it's sitting next to me ready. Time to get busy!