Friday, 28 October 2011


So it's time to make my room messy! Not that hard really.... it quite often is. This time though it will be with a real purpose. I have written a list of the sorts of things that I think might sell well at the event at the end of November. I'm now trying to pull together a selection of items but I'm thinking it might be tricky judging quantities.... however there's no reason why I can't take orders if something sells really well and I run out of stock. The trick will be to hit a variety of price points so that there is something for everyones purse.

I thought I would start by taking some inspiration from a cushion I made last year, still one of my favourites and lots of people comment on it which is a good place to start.

The cutting mat has been out and production has begun. I love the colours that I chose before but to cater for a variety of tastes I've made a purple/pink one too. If it doesn't sell little Niamh has already declared it hers!

I've also got a lot of wooden beads in a pot ready for another project and I just love the colours here too. when you jumble things up like this it's amazing what colour combination gems you start to spot.

Little steps.

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