Friday, 14 May 2010


So we're homeowners again! We're packing our boxes, tidying, cleaning and organising again. It's a little boring when we were only doing it less than a year ago but this time it's our own house we are moving to and we shouldn't be doing this all again for quite some time.

Packing has to be one of the dullest jobs in the world. I know that I will either be unpacking it all again within days when we get to the other end or it will be shut up in a box for a few months and I will have to live without my treasured possession. (Although it has to be said that when you've not needed to get it out of a box for 6 months, you possibly don't really need it anymore and you can therapeutically pass it on for another happy user).

So as I decide how to pack up my craft supplies in order that I can still dabble a little whilst the works go on  I  may just disappear for a little while.


Thursday, 6 May 2010


Have been busy this evening making up a small supply of crayon rolls. It's Niamhys birthday soon and if I don't give them away in place of party bags then they'll go to stock supplies for a sale. I'm having to begin packing for the move in two weeks time so there has been an incentive to use up some scraps from my log cabin pillow. I'd normally spend far too much time trying to get the perfect pattern and colour combinations when really you should trust your instinct. I'm really quite pleased with them all. When the sun comes out tomorrow I'll take a snap to show. Just need to get some more pencils to put in them now.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beautiful in pink

And how could I forget this. We were in the garden last weekend with friends and I snapped the magnolia before the wind and rain stole the show. They are such beautiful trees. (I'd love to have one at our new house will just need the patience to let it mature).

And then something else beautiful in pink caught my eye and I managed to sneak a shot before she looked. (proud mum moment - sorry!)

It's arrived

With everything that is going on, with our imminent move and building works, it's been easier than it might have been to distract myself. When I had my owl doorstop project accepted for Sew Hip I was really excited. It seems so long ago now and having to wait for the June edition felt like it would take ages. So in between the day to day stuff and talking to architects and builders what should drop on the doormat this week!! And my little old owl is even a cover star.

The pictures inside look really good and I'm even more excited now to see if anyone makes one and sends in a photo!

The house project is going well too and we'll be moving on the 21st May. The girls rooms will be both done which will give them a lovely sanctuary to retire to. (Building works don't come without some disruption and I think it's really important they both have somewhere calm and settled).

I also want to start thinking about Niamh's birthday which is the 2nd June. I always try to decorate the house to make it feel special... it's possibly as much for me as I love the excuse to get creative with a real purpose.... but isn't that one of the joys of motherhood you are allowed to indulge in?! I've kept lots of her olf clothes to make a memory quilt but I might just use some for some bunting or something similar. I need a train journey to give me space to think!