Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Returning to the real world

When I logged on and realised that my last entry was the 14th May it seemed so very long ago. Everything normal seems so long ago. Doing any real sewing seems so long ago. Life has been so full with other stuff.

The move went really well considering how late we stayed up packing boxes the night before, why do we never get ourselves better organised?! Our decision to delay our move until a week after completion to get the bedrooms decorated was definitely the right decision. On the first night to be asleep in a freshly painted room, with colours of our choosing, felt a real luxury. The girls rooms both look great. Mr B found a fab wallpaper for Niamhs rooms by Harlequin so we had one wall done with the others just white. 

When we have the main computer up and running and I can download the photos from my camera I will try and show you how it all looks.

Cait's room is all white and looks lovely and airy. We've managed to fit a lot in without it feeling cluttered and it's a room that will suit her for some years to come. She's really pleased with it and once I've got my sewing bits unpacked there are some cushions to make for the finishing touches. Cait wanted some bright accent colours; red, green, blue etc and I've got some fab fabric from Ikea that will be perfect.

The loveliest thing about this house though is how quickly it felt like home, despite the half unpacked sensation with more boxes full than I would normally like - out of necessity for when the works start. It feels like we've lived here for far longer than we have. When Mr B went away for 6 days with the lads to celebrate the beginning of the world cup I felt wonderfully at home, more than I had ever felt in the rented house, even towards the end.

So the confession is that I missed being able to do the sale with Cait that we had been hoping to. All too much going on at the same time with the house move but I have my eye on some others in the autumn which may be better timed.

And the other little update is that Niamhy turned 4. I had hoped to be able to do a little party for her at home in the new garden but with the move so late in May and her Birthday being the 2nd June it was one thing too much again. She had a fab time in a sports hall with bouncy castle though and I've 12 months to plan a homely treat for when she's 5.

Mr B and I also enjoyed a lovely day at Chelsea Flower Show. A little bit of down time in amongst the madness. We'd been last year so knew the form and were able to walk around this year with lots of purpose gathering ideas for our garden. It is a complete blank canvas apart from the Summerhouse at the end. Affectionately now known as 28b, it's a fab space..a real room at the end of the garden. Mr B's retreat if he gets his way... although Cait has already booked it for her 13th birthday sleepover.

There is loads more to tell and lots to show so I'll be back soon,

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