Monday, 10 September 2012


Every year the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show comes to Brighton and I always go. This year it visited in May, instead of February, and it clashed with our trip to Brugges. Now, Brugges was lovely but it did mean that I missed my bargains and there was no chance to gain inspiration from some of the lovely creations on display. 

With Mr B off cycling the length of the country life could be dull. But then there's my mum. She bought tickets for her and I to visit the Prima Homemade - Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show at Bluewater in Kent. Yippee.... a lucky second chance and an opportunity to spend some one to one time with my mum.

After a good look round the retail stalls deciding what was worthy of me opening my purse (I knew I needed ribbons and felts) there was a chance to spend a little time looking at some of the creations on display. Oh my, there were some fantastic things to see.

Dartford Grammar School for girls had a display of some of their textile work which involved techniques such as nuno felting, freeform knitting, heat distortion, fabric distressing and manipulation. They really enjoy the subject and spending lots of study time in and outside of the classroom and even have school trip to Paris, Shanghai and Bejing. How jealous!

Can you see just how many everyday objects are included within this section of top?

And what about this for a cape?

But then came the knitted garden. It was so wonderful and I know these pics won't do it justice. There was so much attention to detail.

Even the garden shed was knitted

I loved all the little vegetables....

... and the bottle of pop covered in bubble wrap to make it look fizzy. Can you see the strawberries and cream?!

Of course no garden is complete without a gnome!

But I think my favourite thing may just have been the radio. Just look at that dial!

The whole thing was life size (I'm not sure if that comes across in the photos) and had been lovingly created by hundreds of children and adults visiting the ICHF shows over the previous year. Well done them. It looked fantastic.

And thank you mum - I had a lovely afternoon, and well done to dad too for looking after little Niamhy whilst we browsed.


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