Monday, 22 March 2010

Time passes so quickly

It's really beginning to dawn on me how quickly time passes, and in the world of blogging it seems to pass even faster than normal. It feels like only yesterday I thought about making the large toadstool and yet it's almost three weeks! Well I have made the top and cut out the stem but I've yet to add the cottage character so no piccies of that yet. And no, the girls scrapbooks are no further forward!

Still I've not been idle... maybe that's' my problem I start something and then get distracted!!! Anyway I haven't been idle and I made this lovely card for mothers day which I was really pleased with.

If ever I pass a craft shop when I am out and about I always have to pop in, and I always end up buying something. There's always something that you've never seen before and fearful that you might never spot it again you succumb! Sometimes those things stay stashed for ages and other times you find the perfect use within days. Well this was one of those finds that got used straight away! The button at the centre came from a knitting shop in Hove and matched perfectly with the design style which I'd recently spotted on promotional leaflet. It looked a bit flat with just the one red flower so I layered a couple more. And the best bit... is that they probably still have the buttons in stock so I can go and get some more!

I've also been busy making an organiser for the car now that Niamhy seems to accumulate so much clutter. I'm due to get a new car soon and, just like a new years resolution, I am determined to try and keep it tidy! I made it from an old denim dress from a charity shop and some lovely old curtains that I'd found ages ago at a car boot. I love the blue and white print fabric and have been so reluctant to cut it up but sometimes you just have to take the plunge.

It's worked well and there are slots for pencils when she wants to draw but it dangles near her feet at the moment and she's not keen. I think I need to attach some ribbon and tie it round the passenger chair.

We've also made progress on the house we like and it looks like it could be a really exciting project. It's not a wreck or anything like that, in fact it was not that long ago extended, but we've got some great ideas and having had a builder around it looks like their feasible. I'll say no more for now but could be boring you with it in the months to come! It's funny how life works out as well because my dear friend, affectionately known as Boatlady, is going to be undergoing some works on her house at about the same time. There'll be someone to understand when I can't cope with the mess and want my tranquility back, and vice versa!

And what of the owl doorstep? Well I'm told the photo shoot went well and that he'll be staring in the May edition of Sew Hip due out at the end of April. I'm really excited to see how it looks and how the pattern reads in print. It'll be even more exciting if a reader sends in a photo of one they've made!

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