Thursday, 29 December 2011

And in a flash it was over.

So where did Christmas go? 

We had a cracking time and that week off work beforehand really allowed us all to unwind and enjoy the run up to christmas. It made such a lovely difference. 

Christmas Eve was not mad running around but rather a little bit of crafting. The girls both made concertina books, they're dead easy and are the format that I use each year to make photo albums for the grandparents. (Another tradition that I started about 10 years ago)!

I helped Niamh with hers as she chose to do a patchwork style with fabrics and then we cut out one large flower to use as an accent. She was very pleased with herself and I think it might be going in to school on her first day back.

Meanwhile I finished off the purple doily cushion that I started back in November. I found a linen tablecloth in our antiques market which has proved just perfect for the back and it even had a lovely embroidered edging which meant, cut the right way, it didn't need any extra hems.

After that it was a lovely walk in the local woods to collect holly and foliage to decorate the Christmas day table.

And then all to quickly it's over!

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