Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shoe Baby

There are many joys to being the mother of a child under five and, for me, one of those is picture books. There is nothing that I love more than a trip to the library to discover a book that we've not read before with stunning illustrations. Sometimes the story doesn't feel that important because the illustrations are so wonderful. Today, one of our favourite story books came to life for us. If you haven't read the Shoe Baby by Joyce and Polly Dunbar you must.

And when you've read the story you should see the Puppet Show. I first took Niamh a couple of years ago and it was stunning. Today we went again with a few of her friends and their mums from school. It was just as wonderful. I would thoroughly recommend it. Not only is the attention to detail fantastic but it is set to some music by one of the musicians from Gomez. To top all of that at the very end some of the puppets are brought out for the children to see up close and then an amazing giant shoe appears! The whole thing is a fabulous experience. Whilst I am on the subject of raving.... The Komedia in Brighton, where we saw todays production, is such a great venue for kids. They were all allowed to sit on little beanbags in front of the puppet theatre with the tall mums and dads on seats at the back. What I found really charming was that the refreshments were a cup of squash at 30p. When life can be so expensive it was great to see such a fantastically realistic approach to giving young children a lovely time.
It's been one of the highlights of the week so far but tomorrow we're off to London for the day and on Friday we are all going to see The Nutcracker so there is lots still to come.

It's funny though.... whenever I have time off from work looming I always think of a cup of tea and a little time to sit on the sofa to read a mag. Why does that never happen?

Maybe because I like having fun and being busy!

Gingerbread House 2011 is now made!

Clearly we were pro's now, this being our second construction, because it was an awful lot easier than I remembered it being last time. I think the trick is to trim the side into straight lines before the gingerbread cools too much. It makes getting the icing to bind an awful lot easier. Niamh and Cait had lots of fun with the sweets whilst I wrapped Mr B's presents.

And just to remind us it's Christmas here's our infamous Christmas Twig.... often one of my favourite of our decorations.

However this year I'm loving my festive cake stand even more. I do like red and white spots!

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