Thursday, 2 August 2012

One of the best things.....

I'm sat in my workroom tonight, it's quarter past ten and I'm still truly on the go. Cakes are in the oven baking as we have Mr B's family arriving tomorrow. I'm finalising some prep for a workshop in the morning and pulling together an advert for a publication due out next month. I've not  stopped today, we've not had a play day but a work day at home. It's mad. I'm not after any sympathy though because I am really enjoying it. It may be tiring at times and the house may be a little more cluttered and untidy than I would like it but it is all so exciting.  

This week has been just great, lots going on getting PR ready for September when hopefully everyone will be in the mood for workshop or two.

One of the best things that has happened this week though is that a lovely lady called Dawn has been and taken some photos of one of my workshops in progress. She is a wonderful photographer and if you have a moment you should visit her blog at home with red

Some of the photos are going to be used in a forthcoming magazine article but for now I thought I would post some of my favourites.

The wreath hangs by the door to the hall. I saw one of these yonks ago and knew I needed to make one when I started the workshops. I've bunting outside, and a sign too, but I love this so much.

I love this piccie because it shows the calm and tranquility before the frenzy of activity and chatter begins. At this moment the children were all off choosing their fabrics and trims.

And here they are! I have a huge trestle table that I cover with everything you could ever need to decorate and adorn.

Everything then chosen this one picture captures all of the essentials. 
The machine, the scissors, the fabric, the 'bits and bobs' and my project cards.

The hub of activity - teaching and sharing my knowledge.

And finally, the journey to the final piece. I love that the machine, the start, is in the background and the finished project, the end, is in the foreground.

This picture just so makes me smile. The dotty case, the gingham cloth and the ribbons and ric rac. I love ric rac.

I may sound awfully daft about all these pics. For me though they represent that the dreams in my head have come alive. I always aspire to make the environment as inspiring as it can be. These photos suggest to me that it does make you want to come in and start creating.



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