Monday, 30 July 2012

Sorry it's been so long!

It's amazing, we have a week of sunshine and life seems to take a pause. We all had to get out and enjoy it whilst we could.

Our family day at Camber Sands was just perfect, like I am sure beach days for everyone else were. That particular day it wasn't too hot or too cold and it was just such a  tonic to be able to sit and enjoy the sun. I'm normally rubbish at sitting still on a beach but somehow I managed it, in between sandcastle building, kite flying, paddling and eating a lovely picnic.

The rest of the week wasn't quite so relaxing though. With Children's Sewing Workshops running and some soft furnishings orders to complete I'm being quite careful with my time. No lazy holiday lie ins for me. I'm up and at the computer sorting things outs whilst Niamhy sleeps. The day has to split into a little bit of time for me to work, in whatever way that is, and some play time for Niamh. She's great at listening to stories and reading books whilst I get a few bits done and with work behind me we can then enjoy the rest of our day.

Last week I attended a couple of events to promote the business. An NCT Cheeky Monkey Tea Party and  a Pre School Pamper Evening. I love doing events like these as you get to meet and talk to lots of different people. Not only the target audience but the other stall holders as well and there is a really community spirit amongst them, no matter who they are or what they are promoting /selling.

It's not the best picture of my stall but it gives you a feel for what it looks like and how I try to make it look as interesting as possible to draw people over. You can just see, at the front, the peg bags made from outgrown clothes and these were a real talking point at both events.

And whilst I was busy last week making up a few new crayon rolls and the like for the stalls.......

Caoimhe was sneaking in the laundry basket making the most of me being distracted!

As Niamh had been so good all week Thursday was our treat day. A whole day out to explore and enjoy the weather. I didn't want to drive far as the weather was so nice and so we decided to discover our doorstep and spend a day in Lewes. I love going shopping there and it's one of my must visit places for present shopping. But, aside from a visit around the Brewery may years back I've never really spent any time getting to know the town.

We started at a playground and then walked all around the town, visiting every attraction we could en route. We bought birthday presents for Grandma and stopped at a wonderful cafe in a back street with a little garden for a really scrummy lunch. We walked to the top of the castle......

.. and rested on the castle lawns.

It was the prefect kind of day. Our ramblings and reading of information boards with the sun kissing our shoulders made it feel like we were truly on holiday.

A day that will be cherished in the memory bank for years to come.


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