Monday, 2 July 2012

Making Home

I have been feeling very lucky over the last few months to be able to really make something out of what I love doing. Sharing my skills with others when I am teaching is very rewarding but so is sewing for others. Sewing has always been my release. My pleasure. My way of forgetting about the worries in life. Making things for others is just as satisfying as making something for yourself. In some ways more so. When you make something for someone who doesn't have your skills you know that you are really helping them. They wouldn't be able to achieve their goal without you.

This week I got to help a friend start to shape her new home when I took some blinds that I had made her to be hung. She had chosen a wonderful stripy fabric from a company called Deckchair Stripes It was really good quality, lovely to work with and now looks stunning hung in her family room against a white background.

It was so very satisfying seeing them go up and add such warmth to the room. Making it a cosy yet vibrant space.

On to the next job now!


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