Monday, 18 February 2013

Proud moments

My Mr B has been at it again!

After last years little challenge of cycling Lands End to John O'Groats he set himself a mild challenge of completing the Brighton Half Marathon. 

So yesterday morning we were all up a rather unusual hour for a Sunday, 7am! Our house normally rises a little closer to about 8:30am so it was a shock to the system, especially as it was the start of half term. No complaining though, there was cheering to to be done.

Mr B set off on the train at 8am to join all the other runners for the 9am start. Niamhy and I drove in to Hove to find the best views and a nice breakfast whilst we waited. It was a glorious morning, sunny with a slight chill in the air and as Niamh and I strode along and chatted it didn't feel that there was a better place to be. I did suggest that perhaps we should do it again without the prompt of a half marathon but it appears that I was alone in this thought.

We headed down to the cafe on Hove Lawns arriving just as they were setting up but soon found ourselves settled at a table with a cuppa and a hearty breakfast. It was amazing just how quickly the cafe filled up and breakfast calls kept coming. Time then for a second cuppa and a little bit of hooky before were heard the sirens announcing that the lead man was approaching and off we dashed.

It really was quite inspiring and humbling to see so many people completing this challenge. All ages were out and some were clearly finding it tougher than others. When I found my arms and wrists aching from all the clapping as they went by it felt foolish to take a break when all these men and women were facing their challenge.

Our eyes were peeled for Mr B and we look we did. We had our chant all ready and Niamhy was ready to run along the road. Very proud of her dad she was.

Only, here's the bit that we're not so proud of..... we managed to miss him! And not once, but twice! You see they ran one way along the seafront and then turned around and headed back the other way. How foolish I felt! We know from his timings that we were in the right spot at the right time so I'm blaming that fact that after saying goodbye to us in 'head to toe' black Mr B took it upon himself to add a red jersey to his outfit. And anyway, he managed to miss spotting us when we had hardly anyone in front of us blocking his view!!!!!

Maybe you need practice at these things?
Maybe next year.


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