Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mother & Daughter Craft Along

One of the best bits about my venture into Made and Making is helping others. Whether it is making curtains to help someone finish a room or teaching someone a new skill that they take away and develop it has to be one of the best bits. And certainly makes up for all the hard work and late nights.

Saturday saw Elaine and I host our first Mother and Daughter day and it was a real pleasure. 

A long day with set up starting at 9am we were having a sneaky cuppa when the first mothers and daughters started arriving at 10:30.

There was a whole table of fabrics to choose from for the bunting plus my big scrap baskets to find other little treasures too. I had decided to stick with a key theme of the red, green and blue. A true Made and Making pallette and perfect for boys and girls alike. After all, you never know who the bunting will be for!

Elaine had some lovely pieces on the china decoration table to inspire. During the day they would be making their own washing line tea plate but how charming if you could do the cup and saucer too.

So 10:30 and the doors opened and we were off! Lots of activity with a variety of generations. Some were making their own strings of bunting and some were making big ones together.

For a while the hall went quite quiet, well apart from the music, as choices had to be made and triangles cut.

And then the bunting began to appear as if by magic.....

.......and it grew and grew!

With Elaine there was much fun as washing lines were designed.

Then it was all change as the tables swapped.

After a lovely lunch of bread and soup (the simple things really are the best) it was time to bring everyone together around a rather large and odd shaped table for the final project... some corsages. A new craft for everyone there was plenty of time to play and experiment.

It was great seeing how different they all looked despite everyone starting off with the same materials. That's one of the other great bits about what I do. Seeing other people create.

And by 3:30 there were lots of smiley relaxed faces.

As we allowed ourselves a well earned cuppa before the big clear up and pack away at the end there was a chance to reflect on the day and those that we had met. It was a lovely group of people that came. Three generations in one room and some very very well behaved children that created some fabulous work. Thank you everyone.


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