Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How the sun can lift the spirits

I am sure that everyone enjoyed the lovely weekend and getting out into the fresh air. I know we did. When we have been trapped inside due to the rain or cold for so so long it felt like we were on holiday.

After a rather luxurious Saturday afternoon when friends cam round for a late lunch/early dinner and we sat and saw the rain poor down we were determined to get out on Sunday. Jobs done in the morning we set out at two for a sunday afternoon stroll. We returned some four hours later having enjoyed the South Downs, Ditchling Beacon and a 99 Flake!

Little Niamh was just great, only tiring some 15 minutes from home. We did discover new tricks though... it's amazing what a walking stick and listening to stories can do! You'll see her little bag on her shoulder, well it carried a cassette player (remember those!) and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets read by Stephen Fry did us proud Sunday afternoon. At 99p from Oxfam it was an absolute bargain!


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