Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Some days just can't help but make you smile.

Do you ever have days like these? Days when just out of the blue a few lovely things happen, simple things and you can grab a moment to smile.

A few truly lovely things have happened today, nothing really important in the scale of world peace, more simple pleasures.

My days started with an email form a lady who had attended my blind making wrokshop last Friday. It said this....

At the end of a workshop I always try to ensure that people are happy, that they feel that they have learnt something and that they'd come back again if the right workshop was offered. People always tend to say yes and you hope that they mean it. To get a line from someone saying so, just because they wanted to, really made my morning smile.

The sun came out this morning too, it glowed and brought the garden to life. So as I sat and hand finished come curtains for a client I listened to Radio 4 with a cuppa, garden doors open and with bird song joining in the discussion. Does earning a living get much better than this I pondered?

Jobs suspended for the school run I allowed myself to set off ten minutes early to post a letter. With one of the local secondhand shops calling to me I popped inside. Treasures were to be found! A wonderful book on needlecraft, the sort that you can browse through for hours and covers all sorts of things. A wonderful set of drawers that fit cotton reels perfectly. My only debate is which colour for which drawer... or whether to fill a couple of the drawers with buttons too. And, yes you've guessed it, a wonderful piece of fabric. I've got some very similar in a much darker colour way but this piece looks like it was once a cushion cover and will turn into a wonderful bag for the summer. Some days a rummage finds nothing, another there are treasures galore.

And then finally, the sun is still shining and I have been able to get out in the garden and photograph the props for my new display at Miss Mabels. Every now and again I think that it is a good idea to completely change the look of the stand so that people are encouraged to stop by and see whats new. You can add bits as you go but sometimes they don't show enough. So to grab the eye this time I am back on my peg bag theme that seems to surface every year when the sun comes out. You can read all about it from March last year here.

When  I helped Niamh raise some funds at a local nearly new sale last weekend I kept the business head on and searched for a few garments just perfect for conversion. I tend to find it harder to get the perfect shirts for the male examples but found a fair few this time. Need to get girl searching now... but what do you think?

I think it is just the best way to keep those fond memories and favourite garments in everyday use. All the shirts have been sewn shut and the top buttons undone. For the girls items its different depending on what they are but the dungarees work really well.

So as I sit and drink my final cuppa and eat my eccles cake before embarking on the end of day clear up there is a big smile on my face. I wonder if tomorrow will be as good?


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