Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cheat Street

Well clearly this blogging is going to keep me on my toes. Two weeks on and that half finished cushion cover is ... yep you guessed it...... still half finished. I've not been idle, as I've now quilted it and added a yoyo to the front but I've been a little busy elsewhere.

I had the most wonderful time sledging with Niamhy and Cait in the snow, whizzing down a hill screaming at the top of your voice is so very therapeutic, and for the very best in sledging you really must try lying on a body board face down! Fantastic.

I've also had two weekends of catching up with friends which is a real buzz at this time of year. Met up with an old work colleague in London and took the opportunity to hunt out one of my favourite bookshops. Full of visually stimulating books and I couldn't resist buying this lovely gem.

It's a fab book of wonderful prints to inspire your creative side and the best bit is is that they all come as image files on an enclosed CD so you can print them off again and again for all number of crafty creations. Wish I had found out about it ages ago. Every year for Caits birthday I decorate the house. It's at the end of November and a great excuse to start lifting the spirits ahead of Christmas. Of course 9 years ago when I started the tradition my decorations were far simpler than they are today! Still now I've got a good companion to help inspire me.

As I've been a tad busy over the last two weeks I'll show you something that I made just before the mad Christmas rush, when I wanted a little project to keep me busy during the evenings. Cheat street I know. I had loads of fun making him from some scraps I had left over from a cushion that I'd just finished making for Cait. Cait has a great eye for colour and pattern and I was asking her opinion as to what colour the eyes should be ..... she that had the great idea of making them odd and I loved it. So I'm pleased to introduce my latest doorstop creation.

And it wouldn't be right to overlook the cushion that I made for Cait. She's real blue and green girl and I was dead chuffed when I gave it to her and she loved it.

So I'll challenge myself to get out this week and buy a cushion filler and then I'll have no excuse not to get my log cabin creation completed. I'd like to... I'm ready to get creating something else now.

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