Sunday, 10 January 2010

My First Post

So, I've been trying to work out what you write in your first post. An introduction to who I am sounds too cheesy so maybe I'll just show you a photo of what I've been doing with my odd spare moments whilst we've been snowed in.

So you've guessed it I like sewing! I like all sorts of crafting and having poured over numerous books and blogs for several years now I thought maybe I should join in, have somewhere to chronicle what I do.

I guess because it's christmas and I've just had time off from work to indulge myself that I've got a real drive for making things right now. I had a great christmas this year and had nearly the whole week off leading up which gave me loads of time to indulge myself making things with Cait (12) and Niamh (3).

Paper chains were first.....

And then there was the marathon task of a gingerbread house! I wasn't convinced that we'd be able to pull this off as novices... but have to say it worked quite well. Making it was fun but deocrating it with all those sweets even more so!

And in between all that fun I decided that my friends with little people should have a handcrafted crayon roll. It's lovely to make things but even more so when you can try to pick the colours and look that you think that person might like....

I love red and green at the moment.

I also made a necklace for my best mate and some lovely bunting for my two year old nephew but I forgot to photo them!

So I think that's all I say for now. I've finished quilting the cushion cover and have made a yoyo to go on top so maybe I'll finish that off over this week and show you the finished article later. Meantime..I'll add on some of my favourite blogs.

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