Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sneaking a moment

If you are ever down near Chichester you really must visit this store. When I visited last summer it was an alladins cave of treats, with things round every nook and cranny. Now they've moved and found this wonderful location it's a feast for your eyes the moment you walk through the doors. It was heaven. Welcome to The Eternal Maker.

It had this lovely tree display inside from which, on the day I visited, hung loads of lovely examples of their work to inspire you on. And no, I didn't take these photos... merely pinched them from their own blog and I hope they don't mind!

They had so many lovely fabrics and trimmings and buttons.... lots and lots of buttons. I promised myself when I walked in that I would only treat myself to a few things and I think I did quite well. There were some lovely japanese fake patchwork fabrics which really caught my eye......

.......some patterned fabrics that looked quite unusual but would be great for embellishing and then some spotty fabrics. I do do spots! And I couldn't resist getting a bit more of the jumbo ric rac. I used it on the cushion that I made for Cait and have never seen it anywhere else.

Mr BB and I are off for a weekend in Cambridge, just the two of us. I shall have to remember this indulgence if we go near shops whilst we're there!!!!

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