Friday, 12 February 2010

Ta da!

Well I finally got myself organised to buy the cushion pad and then I had no excuse not to finish it. It didn't take too long to make up, once I'd decided what fastening I was going to do and I found the perfect button in my button stash!

I have also decided that I may try to perfect the owl doorstop and have another on the go... will keep you posted on the progress... this time I'm using an old jumper and some felt. May even do a tutorial.

And speaking of felt I bought some lovely scraps at a craft fair at the Brighton Centre last weekend. Lovely shades of blue and green... So I got busy and made a new home card for my in laws who have just moved up north. I can't seem to work out how to rotate the piccie and the card's been sent so you'll have to see it sideways! I've never had much success with french knots but this time they seemed to work for me so there's a white rose growing up the outside.

And as mummy was busy with the camera Niamh felt the need to be too so I'm pleased to introduce Butterfly the white cat and Mittens the grey kitten!!!

And this is Niamh the fairy making herself very helpful in the kitchen!

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