Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well it's been a bit of a week really.

We've been house hunting for some time, but it looks like we might have finally found somewhere. We've been in rented since last summer and whilst its a nice house it's not like living in your own, especially when you are a creative cafty sort of person. I won't say more than that for fear of jinxing us but when things start moving I'll spill.

I also decided to write to one of my favourite mags and see if they might be interested in printing a pattern for my owl doorstop. I was so chuffed when I heard on Friday that they are. Have got to package one up and send it off for a photo shoot and I've no idea when it will be published but the whole thing is quite exciting. It's got my head buzzing about all sorts of ideas.

So between thinking about a new house and crafting I am probably spending a little too much time day dreaming right now, especially when I've got 5 major birthdays and mothers day to think about this month! Still sometimes when you're busy everything begins to drop into place that bit easier.... I think its called momentum. I am also determined to try and finish the stock I have been making for a new etsy shop and I'll keep you posted on that too.

But in all the excitement and day dreaming I did manage to finish the mushroom that I'd started last week so here's a pic of it with Caits toadstool. We're both really pleased with them.

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