Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another wet day - but fun to be had.

Whilst it did brighten up yesterday afternoon, and we got chance to pop to the allotment and put the potatoes in, today was wet wet wet. Mr B had been up and out early on a bike ride, training for a long charity ride in September, so it was just the girls and me this morning. We all had a little unplanned treat though. 

After stories in bed Niamh went off to get dressed and got distracted in play. Cait slept... and slept.... and slept.. and slept. Me? Well I made myself a cup of tea, a bacon bagel and settled down to read through one of my favourite mags whilst listening to the radio. Unadulterated bliss for a Sunday morning. 

Can you believe that I even got to finish the mag and then do some crafting before the girls appeared! Two cards made, that's Mothers Day and my best mates birthday sorted. 

Bless my mum.... since I've been using doillies on my cushions she's been keeping her eyes open for bargains. She passed me a 'find' the other day and I washed it during the week and took a closer look. It's so very sweet. Two love birds. Thank you mum.

But one of the main activities today, after a fabulous game of Monopoly (the game made for rainy days), was a little more making at the kitchen table.

Cait got a fabulous book for Christmas called Collage Couture; Techniques for creating fashionable art by Julie Nutting. This afternoon was a chance to have a go. 

The book is a real mix of using some drawing, but a lot of collage, to create great figurines. As I am not great on the drawing stakes this seemed right up my street. I love the fact that she tends to make the main body out of old books/newspapers. Today time was against me really so I started simple. Next time I want to go for one of the really full skirt examples.

If you like papercrafts you'll like this book. I would definitely recommend it.


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