Saturday, 24 March 2012

Glorious Sunshine

I am sure that we have all felt that today was such a treat. Never mind Spring, it felt like it was Summer already.

After a party this morning at which we both had great fun, this afternoon was spent preparing The Bird House. 

The Bird House was a little indulgence when we moved in. Ideal for Niamh and her friends now, the bunk area is removable and I've every intention of doing so when she gets too big. It can then become another teenage/adult space. I can quite see myself with a book and a comfy chair enjoying some solitude in years to come. Or maybe a basket of yarn and my crochet hook.

For now it needed a good tidy, sweep out and dust after the winter. A Spring Clean just like the rest of the house. I'd also bought a peg rail and shelf at the end of last summer but they had been festering in the garage neglected. The bunk is all made up with a mattress, pillow and blanket but we do need to find a proper table, my patchwork lap tray is an interim measure though it does look quite cute.

You'll notice that I found a home for the birdcages made last November for Caits birthday!

Next will be making some curtains for the windows and getting the window boxes planted up. Hopefully the new, carefully positioned shelf, will deter anyone from trying to come in through the window like they did last summer.

In many ways it was a shame to be tucked away inside but it didn't take long and then it was time to go on a flower safari to see what new blooms were saying hello.

Anemones have to be one of my favourites. Such beautiful colours, but only one gem open today.

The magnolia tree towards the end of the garden is in full bloom now and looks stunning. I'd always wanted a magnolia tree in my garden so was delighted when I discovered this one when we moved in. Such delicate flowers. True fairy skirts.

And the best bit is that we know we've got another delightful day tomorrow. 



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