Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wonderful weekends

The weather has been just lovely this weekend. Spring sure does feel on it's way. We've had lots of outdoors time, tidying up the allotment and the garden. It's great to start getting things ready for the summer ahead, reshaping things with the promise of what will come.

It's the simple things in life that make me smile and today was no exception. 

So amongst all the tidying up it felt like it was a good day to get the washing out on the line. With the washing comes one of my favourite things. My peg bag! Sad? Maybe, but there's story. 

Last summer I had been determined to make one for myself and I looked at various styles. Should I applique the front? do some freehand embroidery? come up with my own design? But then inspiration struck like a lightening bolt! Well ok not quite so dramatically, but I did have one of those moments when I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before.

When Niamh was small there were so many dear little outfits that were used for only a short period that I kept a lot of the ones I loved the most. Not that there was going to be another little one around, more that Niamh might want to dress her dolls in them (and I couldn't bear to part with them)! So last summer the thought struck to convert one of the rompers, for which I have some very fond memories, into my peg bag. The best before photo I can find is this..... 

.... it doesn't really show the suit in full glory but this is from the memory of a lovely walk in the country, all of us together on a break down in Bridport, and a very nice pub lunch afterwards. Wonderful weekends you see.

It was so easy... all I had to do was sew across the bottom where the two leg holes were and then hey presto!

How can you not smile as such a sweet little thing. I don't even put it away... it hangs in the utility room always on show.

And finally, before I head off for dinner do you remember the post where I asked what do you do with yours? Well, I cut mine up and make beautiful bunting which adorn some home made cards.

Handmade cards are the best. It's fab what you can do with an old magazine, a bit of tape and a button!


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