Sunday, 29 January 2012

14 hearts in 14 days

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was going to give myself a challenge. This year I really want to celebrate Valentines and so have decided to come up with lots of different ways to display that lovely image of the heart. I've been busy this weekend getting my thoughts in order and thought I would post some pics I've found to get in the mood.

This one reminds me of a cushion that I made for Niamh a couple of years ago. Originally it was to go on her bed as a scatter cushion but she's adopted it as her pillow so it's quite an important cushion now!

And isn't this just a wonderfully simple idea. I do love it when you spot a great idea for an old book. (I've a particular interest in reusing old books as I think I've got a couple of boxes of them in our shed. We were storing them when we were moving betweens houses and somehow the boxes got really damp in the garage of the rental place. Would hate to just throw them away).

This is so cute too. Hearts, bunting and cakes. Three of my favourite things!

I've not worked out if this is made from paper or some map fabric but I like the finished look whichever.

And finally some heart garlands. I've found so many images of these and these are three are my favourites.

It's old books again!


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