Saturday, 21 January 2012

Big Bead Boutique

If you are local to Brighton hopefully you may have discovered the Big Bead Boutique. Unless of course you are like me and I've missed it despite it having been open over a year now, and I call myself a crafter!

I first stopped by on New Years Eve when Mr B and myself were out for lunch but had only moments to take it all in. I stopped by again this week when I had a little more time to browse. 

It's a delightful shop and compliments the other bead shops wonderfully. It has a beautiful shop front (it use to be Mr B's barbers!) and once inside there is a real vintage feel with lots of display cabinets and cupboards. There are lots of pieces made up to prompt a moment of inspiration and they also run classes if you need a top tip too.

Run by a very helpful lady called Jo Tomlin it's a real inspiration not only for a jewellery maker but also anyone in retail who wants to offer a different experience to their customer. So many shops are so bland these days but this one had loads of character and leaves a lasting memory.

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