Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Saying goodbye to Christmas

Happy New Year!

It's a dreadful day outside but thanks to an insett day Niamh and I don't have to venture out. Today is about tidying up and packing away the festive things so that 2012 can begin with vengeance tomorrow.

So, as I begin to take down the decorations I thought I would share one last piece of Christmas..... family handmade cards. 

Cait is a real crafter in all sorts of ways and Niamh is becoming more so every day. Here is this years selection......

The cards that Cait makes are always so meticulous, lots of detail and beautifully finished.

Niamh is very keen on anything Hello Kitty right now so Cait used that as a theme for her card to Niamh.

The cards that Niamh cards are slightly more varied in style. I helped her make the pink one for Cait but is was all her idea - she wanted it to be patchwork and to have hearts on it. The one with the cow on she made for Mr B and myself in secret with Caits help. There is a whole story that goes with the picture (as it quite common with anything Niamh draws at the moment).

In packing these treasures away in my special place I saw last years and thought I'd share those too.

This one Niamh did with her childminder. It's such a simple idea but really charming, an idea stored for another time. 

Time for lunch I think!

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