Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Looking forward....

For many of us it is the taking down of the Christmas decorations that makes the house look sad. For me it's when my birthday has been and gone. I love cards. I love looking at the designs and can spend many an idle moment in Paperchase. My favourite cards are always the handmade ones from the girls and this year was no exception.

Cait used a mixture of paper-craft and sewing and lined the inside with some spotty paper. I loved it. I do do spots!

This was one of my other favourites. Really simple, spotty (again) and spring colours.

The cards may be down but the mini bunting on the 'twigs' is staying put a little linger. I know bunting is everywhere these days but I always think it looks so cheery. 

And here are my inspirations for the next event I can focus on. I love hearts and have a wonderful idea as to how this year I may take the opportunity to set myself a little challenge. 14 hearts in 14 days! Stay tuned to find out more.

But I have had time to do a little something over the last week. It was a cheats job really because I used a transfer paper to put one of my favourite Nimah drawings onto a bag. It's not quite finished though because I think I should do a little embellishment - maybe a sequin or two and a bit of trim. I'll have a ponder I think.

Happy smiley people. What we all should be.


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