Friday, 13 April 2012

Hassocks Artists Open House update

You may remember that I posted a little while ago that I was joining this event this year. It's set for the weekend of the 16th and 17th June and there should be 8 different venues around the village.

It's been really interesting attending the meetings - as always more involved than you might imagine. Lots of experience from people that have exhibited before but I have been able to add some ideas too which is nice. I'm not one to just go along for the ride, I like to help.

Some of the houses will be offering refreshments with donations to charity so I need to think about what I might offer and who I could support.

There is also going to be a Trail Hunt for the children this year with a small prize at the end.

So all in all I am getting quite excited about this. Behind the scenes I am busy putting together a few new pieces and yesterday I had my own little photo shoot in the garden to finalise some shots for the advertising. Everything I had seemed very dull. When you are one photo/image out of many on a poster I wanted to try be make sure it looked interesting.

What do you think? They won't all be used but it gives the designer some choice. 

I do love my little toadstool so I thought it deserved a solo appearance!


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