Monday, 30 April 2012

Lovely things

We had friends and family visit over the weekend and whilst it was a bit hectic keeping on top of it all it was lovely to have so much social time. The friends that visited Saturday came with a most beautiful bunch of  flowers which I have enjoyed all of today.. especially with the sunshine lifting the spirits. I wonder if the sun might stay around a while?

Seeing the lovely combination of green and white got me thinking and I thought I would share some of my special things from my green wall in my craft room.

A wool daisy made by crocheting around a plastic bangle. Such a smiley flower shape.

This is a card that Niamh gave me last year. Not bad at all for a 4 year old (as she was then).. thanks to some help from her lovely big sis.

And another favourite card, this time from Cait. Sew simple!!!!!!

But this might just have to pip both the girls to the post as the Winner. Mr B made this for me a couple of years ago and I adore it. The second photo shows just how detailed it is and how he cut lots of tiny shapes from paper and then painstakingly pieced it all together. Thank you Mr B.


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