Thursday, 3 May 2012

What I have been up to... Made and Making

I've not really talked about it much here but there has been an awful lot going on for me over the last few months. I have alluded to it a few times but now it really is time to share.

I've sewn and crafted for as long as I can remember and it's always been my way of unwinding at the end of a busy day. To others beavering away on a new project until the early hours might not be relaxing, but for me it really is. As I posted only recently, just being surrounded by my fabric makes me smile!

An opportunity presented itself most out of the blue, as these things always seem to, and at the end of March I brought my corporate career to a close (for a while at least). With a very supportive Mr B I'm going to start my own venture, hopefully making a success out of my creative skills this time.

I've spent the last month really enjoying being what has felt like a proper mum to Niamhy, picking her up from school every day, whilst spending all the hours in-between beavering away to create my own business.

Made and Making is now ready to hit the headlines!

The word 'made' emanates from .....

'Made by me' craft workshops that I am going to run locally. There are still lots of people that would like to learn to sew or don't have much confidence with a sewing machine. There are also others like myself that are confident but love being in creative environments. Hopefully my Made by Me workshops will respond to all these needs. 

'Made by Me' classes are going to be friendly relaxed workshops for beginners to those with experience. There will be classes for those with really young children (babes in arms as I call them) so that they bring their little ones along comfortable in the knowledge that if they cry they don't need top fret.  In the school holidays there will be some classes for children too.

They are going to run in a lovely local hall with fabulous facilities and the maximum class size is going to be 8-10. Children's classes will be smaller. There is space on a lovely day to eat a packed lunch outside and I'll ensure that there is plenty of tea, biscuits and cordial to keep everyone going.

My head is full with ideas of what we can make that are useful items to have around the home or that can be wonderful gifts to share. I also want people to be confident in understanding how many resources that they will already have, meaning that this doesn't need to be expensive. I'll be encouraging people to think about the materials that they have at home in old clothes, bedding and furnishings that can be changed into something new. I think the trendy term is up cycling.

The word 'making' emanates from......

the other side of my venture which is my 'Making Home' service. Not everyone has the inclination or the time to want to learn to sew and create their own things. Making Home is all about helping these people make a house a home. I can help with styling, advising on the best options out of what could be possible, or I can sew and make up what somebody knows they want. From curtains to blinds, window seat covers to deck chair covers... even an assortment of doorstops.

Bringing these two concepts together creates the Made and Making name.

I am in the final throws of pulling together my logo's and website but if you are interested click on made and making and leave your details and we'll let you know as soon as it is all live. 

It's amazing how much there is to do behind the scenes to make this all come alive but every step is really interesting and exciting and I can't wait to really get going.


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