Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Made and Making part two! Made by Me and Making Home

After my recent post setting the scene for my new venture I have now settled on all the art work and am really excited about it so wanted I would share it here.

I have been working with a lovely lady called Mary, who is much more proficient with the various graphics packages than me. I gave her a mood book, which was rather like a mood board, so she could understand exactly what I was after. It was a 24 pocket display book and it was great fun filling it with images of all the things that I love, from colours and patterns to fonts and shapes!

Made by Me are the craft workshops that will run in Hassocks and I wanted something simple and eye catching that would provide a sense of creativity. I also wanted it to try and convey the warm and relaxed environment that we will be providing. 

Making Home is the bespoke soft furnishings side and I wanted there to be a consistent style across the two so that I could capture an overall look for the Made and Making. I liked the idea of applying the same style to an image of a house and then introducing a third colour. Green was an obvious choice for me! Again I wanted it to represent to warmth and friendliness, to create an overall feeling of reliability. I think that is a key quality.

These two image were the first steps and the final one was to try to bring the two together. I had a clear vision in my head of how I wanted that to look and Mary then played with various ribbon and trimmings images to create the following.

I am so pleased.

There is still plenty more to do as the website should be live over the next day or two but I really wanted to share these images.


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