Friday, 25 May 2012

How time flies

The last three weeks have been so hectic getting lots of things done that I felt a little ashamed when I realised today that I'd not been on the blog for so long. The funny thing is, or the frustrating thing is, that I've been up to lots that might have made for an interesting post (and I've even been remembering to take some photos along the way!).

So I thought I could share with you brief insight into what has kept me so busy!

Firstly there was a really lovely trip to Brugge. Not Mr B and I on our own, but in the company of friends and it was most relaxing and enjoyable. We've been a couple of times before, and it was actually really nice to be somewhere abroad that it still very familiar. I could walk out the hotel and know exactly where to go as soon as we arrived. The chocolate helped too! 

The weather was kind, no rain and a little sunshine though it seems the one photo I took of the architecture is a trifle grey!

We had a lovely day on the Saturday just snooping around and I found a couple of shops that were wonderful to browse in.

We also saw the wall of Beer, Brugge is of course home to Moules, Frites and Beer. I saw this on the wall and thought that it was fab. The word beer could of course be substituted with a variety of other things!

And  I thought these fridge magnets were great. Not only do they capture the architecture of the place but also the vibrancy of colour that you saw in all the shops. I don't tend to think of us as a boring nation at all but I was really quite surprised at how much more colourful all their shops were. 

Shoe shops had shoes laid out by colour - and they had every colour with a variety of styles. Clothes shops seemed to have more colour too.

So Brugge was lovely and it also celebrated the moment that my website went live - I finally published it the night before we went. It was a big job teaching myself how to do it all and quite intense. I spent far too much time attached to the computer when I would rather have been attached to my sewing machine. Thus, for me, our trip away was perfect time to recharge.

I'll be honest and say that  I am really proud of it. It is still work in progress as I do want to get some more imagery on it but I think it looks good, it reflects what I am about and what I am trying to achieve and I have had some lovely feedback already. 

Thus it was straight back to promoting and advertising the website followed in a few days by the local school summer fair. I ran the bric a brac stall which is always good fun but my favourite stall of all is the sweet jar tomobola. On the day before the fair all the children get to wear their non-uniform clothes to school in return for bringing in a jar of sweets. I love sweets, proper sweets like Haribo, jellies, chews etc. I just thought that all the jars looked fantastic.

And then my head is tuning into the fact that Niamh is 6 in a weeks time. We've had to delay her party until towards the end of June so that her friends could make it so I'm not that late at getting the party invites sorted, really I'm not! These were made from some sheets of card that I bought in Brugge from a shop called Hema. How simple... just fold the card in half and, with a little typing on the computer, we were all sorted for pennies rather than pounds... and I think they look really sweet too. 

If you ever go Brugge way Hema was fantastic. A great find, it had lots of lovely goodies in it. When I get a moment over the weekend I'll capture a few more for you. It was a little like IKEA Market place, simple prices and good value. Wish they were in the UK.

So that is what I have been up, well the interesting bits anyway. I can't believe how busy I am getting things sorted ut it's exciting and I wouldn't change it for the world. Not everyone gets to follow their dreams.

Take care


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