Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Banishing Bank Holiday Blues!

Well what a rather damp weekend that was! We had been due to have a number of friends over for a BBQ on Saturday but postponed Friday when we saw the weather. I'm thankful that we did and we had a rather relaxing Saturday as a result but with an awful lot of food to eat!

Still, Sunday saw a visit to the Dome in Brighton to see a children's show put on by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. If you've got children I just know that you will have heard of Julia but can you place Lydia? She has illustrated some of our favourite children's books so it was going to be a treat for Niamh and myself!

This last one has to be one of our top 5 books. It is a book the Lydia wrote with another great writer, Carol Ann Duffy.

The show was an absolute treat. Julia and a number of her friends and family brought the books to life and Lydia sat at the side and, with the aid of a projector, drew illustrations throughout the show. It was totally mesmerising watching her pictures take shape. I'm so jealous of someone who can draw with such ease and create such wonderful pictures. 

Two of Niamhs school friends also went so we stopped at the bar in the Dome afterwards for a drink and a piece of cake. The chocolate cake that day was just delicious, the lightest sponge you've ever tasted. It melted on the tongue. Whilst enjoying this treat; the tea, the cake, the chance to have a relaxed chat on a Sunday morning I glanced up. What should I see?

Don't they just look fantastic. It added a real charm to the bar area and I presume is all part of the activities for the Brighton Festival which is currently on.

So I had already had a lovely morning - seen a great show, had tea and cake, seen  a wonderful sight.... could there be more? Yes!

The show had been promoting their new joint book, the Singing Mermaid. I had already promised Niamh a copy and when we purchased it we realised the the queue for the book signing with Julia and Lydia had shortened quite considerably. Always one to thank people I decided that we should join it and we did. About 30 minutes later Niamh had her own very special copy and we'd had chance to say how much we enjoyed their work.

But it was one of those days when lots of nice things seem to happen and we then got stopped. We were  passed the drawing below, the assistant telling us that we had won it! It was a drawing that she had done during the show when Julia was telling us all about her book the Rhyming Rabbit.

So we might have missed out on having all our friends round but somehow we managed to banish the bank holiday blues!


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