Thursday, 26 April 2012

Proud moments with Hoot the Owl

Somebody recently asked me what one of my greatest personal achievements is. There are the obvious ones that you can mention about family and watching children grow up. If I think about myself away from my roles as mother and wife though there are two things that tend to stand out in my mind. 

One relates to  when I was in  my early twenties and I did a parachute jump for charity. 

I can still remember the terror I felt as the very very very small plane rose up into the sky and I knew I was about to have to leap out, going against every natural instinct in my body. I do also remember the serenity and absolute calm of floating down above the trees... not so sure that my landing was very serene though!

The other moment was when I had my very own project published in Sew Hip magazine. To have something that I had created published was a truly wonderful feeling. He was a cheeky chappy made out of one of Mr B's old jumpers and some scraps of felt. Unfortunately he had to be sent off for the photo shoot and fame got to him... he never came back! So then I made another out of an old denim dress.

This was Issue 17, June 2010.

If you fancy having a go yourself I have a pdf pattern for you to use. If you leave me a comment and your email address I'll ensure you get a copy.

From a quick look through google here are some that people did make, which makes me even prouder.


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