Friday, 8 June 2012

Big shouts

On lazy days at home (remember those) when you're pottering with half an ear on the radio you'll occasionally hear (depending on your station of choice) someone trying to say hello to someone else. A big shout I think they use to call it. It would normally be a cry of good luck, thank you or "don't forget the......".

Can I do a  blog version please?

On a careers seminar not that long ago I was in a group discussion talking about how, whether we know it or not, we use our friends and family to help and support us. I guess you might say that's rather obvious but, the clever part to all of it apparently is working out what each of those people do to help you and then connecting with them at the right time. So, for example, someone might be really good at bringing out your creative side. What the seminar told me was to recognise who that is and the next time you've writers block or can't get your juices going you should find time to share a coffee with them. It might seem really structured but do you know it's so true that some people can have a really powerful input into an aspect of your life that others closer or dearer to you don't touch. A few people that I have met with recently, on my journey with made and making, have had just that sort of impact and spur me on and motivate me to do so much more.

So what has all this got to do with "big shouts"? 

Well..... there's someone near and dear to me who I want to thank and I've decided that I could possibly make her smile by doing it here! She seems to touch me and help me in so many ways and I love her dearly.

 Boatlady.... you know who you are!

She is one of my dearest friends, whom I've now known for longer that I'd like to admit to. She never ceases to make me laugh and smile about the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Someone who always sees the rosy side of things even when I know she knows theres a black side too. She is the most marvellous friend and my life would be far less rich without her. A chat with Boatlady is a tonic like no other.

So Boatlady thank you... for all that you do.

(these lovely characters are from a very talented lady call Mel and you can find out more about her here.)

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