Thursday, 7 June 2012

My first swap....

When I browse through other peoples blogs I often come across 'swaps'. A great way to craft with a purpose and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face as they open your little parcel. I've decided it was time that I had a go.

I spotted a pin cushion/needle case swap the other week and it seemed just the ticket. A little project that could be completed in an hour or so.. or even longer depending on what you fancy. The rules are that you have to use fabrics from your stash... Not really a problem for me - plenty to choose from... too many may be?

I've been partnered with a lovely lady called Janey and we've been getting to know each other online. I've pondered lots on what to send and my little parcel has gone off.

Today my surprise arrived through the post. I'm rubbish at waiting for things so rushed in and opened it before even thinking about taking a photo! Janey has chosen to make me a needle case which is just perfect as I don't really have very many and it can be added to my holiday sewing bag ready for our trip in the summer to Morocco. She sounded really apprehensive when she sent it off, and it is slightly nerve wracking, but she was daft to have worried. 

It's got a gorgeous fabric on the inside, Janey is a  liberty fan and I'm wondering if it is or not. But the outside has all been done by hand and I know how time consuming that can be and it's lovely. Janey has a little boy toddling around as well so I know she will have had to have grabbed odd minutes where she can.

It was  a lovely surprise and has brought a smile to my face this morning.

I'll post about what I made her in a day or two as I just need to ensure that she's got it first. I wouldn't want to spoil her surprise.

I think when I know I have the time to do the swap justice that I'll do another. It's been great making a treat for someone and getting to know them.. the surprise that lands on my doormat is the icing on the cake as they say.


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