Friday, 22 June 2012

Open house Joy

I can't believe that I've not posted about how the weekend went and it's Friday already. I had such a wonderful time. Big thanks to Mr B and my folks for the support with Niamh and a big thanks to all those lovely people that popped by to have a look.

The summerhouse was open from 11 until 5 both days and we were really lucky with the weather. Blustery on the Saturday but much nicer on the Sunday. I even got to sit outside and sew rather then be stuck inside all the time. So yes, it was my idea of heaven really. I took some toadstools ready to be decorated with hand stitches, had some nice music playing in the background, had my kettle for a cuppa and plenty of cakes. It was so peaceful. What more could you want other than nice people to talk to too. Everyone lingered for a while which was lovely. A chance to chat but I also took the compliment that they felt comfortable looking and were enjoying what they saw. I would have hated it if everyone dashed in, looked and left.

It was definitely hard work setting up and packing away, much longer than you would think, but I would love to do it again. So much fun and such lovely people to talk to. The icing on the cake were some sales and also some funds raised, via cake and teas, for Mr B's big sponsored Bike Ride in September. Have I told you he is cycling Lands End to John O'Groats?

It's been a busy old week too. I've been making some blinds for a good friend of mine which are now almost finished but in-between that I've managed to find some time to make some curtains for the house in the garden. Sometimes known as the Bird House, sometimes known as 28c. Whatever you wish to call it, it now looks even cosier inside and is ready for Niamhs party at the weekend.

Maybe not the easiest pics to see but better than nothing?!

Oh and the other little job this week was to make a dear friend a birthday card. I can't believe she's 70 but she is! It might be a bit heavy on the ditsy florals but I like it.

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