Monday, 25 June 2012


I'm not sure there's a child that doesn't like a party. As an adult though I'm possibly having more fun organising them! Niamhs birthday party was a little belated this year but, possibly fortunately so with everything that has been going on.

She likes small parties with maybe 8-10 friends which is perfect when you're putting them on at home. I love thinking about the games and trying to add little elements of surprise. I also love putting the party bags together. Ever since Cait was small I've always tried to put a 'thing' in the party bag. I worked out that I would spend a fortune on all the little bits anyway so if I could find one bigger thing all the better. It started with books and bits, multi buys were great but as they get older it gets a little harder. Last year I made all Niamhs friends some of my crayons rolls and gave them a princess colouring book.

It was a bird themed year.... recognise these decorations? Seen that bird somewhere before???!

We played pin the beak on the bird!

I've had my party bag idea for this year in my head for ages. Peg doll fairies. I'd seen some lovely face transfers on ebay and then borrowed an idea, using petals from false flowers, from a set Cait had a few years back. 

Assembling the kits was great fun, I chose a selection of different coloured flowers. 

 I then had to remind myself how to use water slide transfers. There was a bit of a knack to getting the faces on right and a few fell off but I think we got there in the end.

I added ric arc and fabric swatches to make the fairy outfits.....

... until I had 9 different sets all laid out.

Quick type up of some instructions and a photo for inspiration.....

...... and there were 9 party bags ready to go. With the addition of a few sweet treats of course.

The weather was kind to us. No showers, overcast but warm enough to play outside. We had a variety of games. Jumble letters - with two teams where they had to find all the letters in the garden and then use them to spell a word (butterfly in this case). A twist in a common game with  pin the antennae on the butterfly and finally pass the parcel. I did this slightly differently by omitting the sweet in each layer but adding a forfeit. Examples were having to hop on the spot five times, run up and down the garden, sing happy birthday to Niamh etc. If everyone completed the forfeit they all got to take a small sweetie from my sweetie bowl. At a girls party there was of course a little bit of cutting and sticking too.

It went well, they all seemed to have a nice time and we also had a very happy little birthday girl.

I hope you enjoyed your party Niamhy.


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