Sunday, 12 February 2012

11th February - Part Two

Back from a lovely weekend visitng good friends in Dorset. 

Weekends like this one are precious. Time to catch up, share stories, enjoy each others company - all without having to worry about a thing. This mornng we all went for a lovely walk around Stourhead. I only wish I'd packed the camera. There were some gorgeous sights with snow still resting on the trees and the lakes frozen over.

I've kept myself on track though and packed my crochet hook and wool for the journey. I got into crochet a couple of years ago when I inherited a leather bound set of crochet hooks from my dear Gran. I really wish that I'd had to the chance for her to teach me but I love the fact that I have her hooks to keep her memory with me.

I've come across a few different patterns for hearts and there was one by Bella Dia in this months Mollie Makes. The ones I prefer highlight the shape of the heart and work in the round. Given how many heart decorations we have at the moment I decided not to make a huge garland but just a little simple one for our hallway.

Just five little hearts in a lovely colour called lipstick by Stylecraft in the Special DK range. Unfortunately the photo's here don't do the colour justice, perhaps because they were taken at night. 

I'm keen to find a local stockist who has a good range of their colours because it's a really good value yarn and available in nearly 60 shades. I've seen some beautiful blankets made up in it and am keen to attempt my first one.

So that's 11 down and 3 to go!


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