Thursday, 2 February 2012

2nd February - Wirework

Day number two of the challenge and I've decided to take a step away from my normal activities. Today I have had a play around with some beads and wire. 

Having been in a few bead shops recently and picked up a fab book from the library it got me thinking about things other than fabrics and threads. The book is How to make Jewellery with Tatty Divine. It's by no means your traditional jewellery making book but it's got some great modern ideas in it. Will give Cait and I a few things to do over half term and I popped to the DIY shop today to get the necessary drill bit!

Todays hearts are not in the Tatty Divine style but just a play with some wire and seed beads. Quite simply a shaped a heart from thick wire to get the frame and then wrapped thin beading wire around adding seed beads as I went. So dead simple really. I've strung them on some thin ribbon so that they can be hung.

I know it's only day two but it's really great having set myself the challenge. It focuses the mind and prompts some creativity each day which is a treat. (I can be one of those people with a few ideas started and never finished!)

So until tomorrow.


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