Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Well I did sew the buttons on Mr B's coat and I even found time to finish off one of my other projects.

When we moved here and had the work done to the house I found the most wonderful old front door on ebay. The one we had was non descript and slightly sad looking. The downside of the fabulous door with it's beautiful glass is that it had to be adjusted to fit and there's a slight gap at the bottom. Now, I'm happy with a little natural ventilation, I can't stand homes that are so tightly shut there isn't a smidgen of fresh air to be had. In the recent cold snap though, the draft was that little but more noticeable. But it's amazing what you can do with an old scarf you've felted and an old wool coat!

Sometimes it doesn't seem right to cut up a perfectly good garment but if your a true crafter you know that not one bit of it will go to waste!

So an old red coat.....

... and a charity shop scarf...

... with beautiful stripes....

... become my own unique homemade draught excluder! 

I machine stitched it all together as I wanted it to be robust and included a piece of folded leather one end for hanging. I then set about blanket stitching the sides and completed two rows of cross stitch at the ends to add a little charm. The tassels of the scarf worked into the design perfectly. The most expensive part were the plastic beads that I put in the middle (along the with stuffing from an old duvet that didn't survive a wash!). I could have used a couple of cheap bags of rice but decided against just in case it got damp for any reason.

I love it, it looks fab and it was dead cheap!


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