Saturday, 11 February 2012

Friday February 10th - Day 10!

Well the power didn't go off on Friday but I'd thought ahead during the day and decided to try to do something simple just in case.

I spotted these washi tape flowers a week or so ago and thought they looked fab. They were from the blog Amytangerine and were given to her by her friend. They all look great but I do love the multicoloured ones best.

They were my inspiration and the heart bit comes in because I had some heart print washi tape that I had picked up from Paperchase. I can't quite remember where the other one came from. 

So, two simple rolls of tape and a piece of card become....

I'm not sure they are quite as good as the other ones but they were fun and simple to make. I put beads in the  middle and have already pondered about threading these with some wire and giving them stems to make into a bouquet... may need to make a few more I guess!

We're off to dorset this weekend to see really good friends but the challenge continues regardless!


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