Sunday, 5 February 2012

4th February or rather 3rd february continued (and a day late!)

So 2:45pm Saturday all the power went off! We had a very short power cut at Christmas during the Strictly Christmas special but this time round it was a tad longer. Power came back at 9:30pm so it did rather scupper my plans for the day. 

That said it was dead cosy!

We had the woodburners going in both rooms and even had the kettle on top in the kitchen in an attempt to have a cuppa!

When Cait started reading to Niamh it was about 3pm and light. When they finished the book it was by candlelight.... Niamh is a very lucky girl to have such a lovely big sister.

So my plans were a little scuppered but the challenge goes on!

The map heart mobile had got me thinking and I decided to play around with some papers in valentine colours. 

Using the same heart cookie cutters I'd used on the maps, I cut out a selection of hearts, large and small. A slightly tedious task but simple enough to do on the sofa watching a little bit of telly.

Then back to my trusty machine for the sewing.

Two simple heart garlands. 

One larger one for the mantle.

And a miniature version for the infamous Christmas Twig!

However it would have been a little dull to have stopped there, and I still had some hearts left over. So on came some more three dimensional decorations.

This time round I put two small matching hearts either side of a large one and carefully fed them through the machine.

The good old Christmas Twig is now surely the Valentine Twig!

Now that the 4th February is up to speed there's the 5th of Feb still to come.

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