Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heart 13

Happy Valentines Day!

We've been busy today but first things first.

This heart was a treat all for me. I've been wanting to do a purely decorative heart with stitching since I started this. I've also wanted to try out some of the stitches on my machine. I never normally investigate them, so much of what I do tends to be more functional. Today I had the time to be decorative.

I used a piece of an old red coat that I'd been cutting up for a draught excluder and a piece of vintage lace (bought when I got married nearly 8 years ago). I experimented with a flower stitch and also an imitation cross stitch.

It needed something extra though so a few buttons got added on and then that got  me thinking about a few charms/beads that I've bought recently and not used.

The icing on the cake is the little bird bead. So cute.

It's now residing in a frame on a shelf in the craft room with some of my other prized possessions.

But that's not all!

A few weeks back I took the girls to a local boot sale once Sunday morning. These were my treasures.

The little blue case was slightly worn, inside and out, but I had a plan and it involved the small pile of old children's comics.

I stripped the inside of the blue patterned paper. A real shame as it was a lovely print but it was torn and battered in too many places. 

I then set to work in covering the interior with a patchwork of old pictures.

A few words in the comics really struck out at me so I kept them as one and put one inside the lid....

.... and another on the bottom. 

A lot of the comic content was informative, all around nature and the seasons. It's made for quite a charming look and this is one of my favourite views.

It's been quite a fun day and that's without mentioning the tomato spirals we made for lunch or the rest of this afternoon!


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