Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tuesday 7th February

Tonight we have power and it's been quite a treat!

To celebrate I decided to have a go at embroidery. It's not something that I've really attempted before but I've always been intrigued by. Would the effort be worth the result? Could I make it look as good as some that I have seen? Well here's my attempt.

I really wanted to master the flowers. By no means are they uniform but I think they have a certain charm. I added random seed stitches and then ran chain stitch all around the outside which was a really comfortable stitch to work with for the curves.

I think that I am going to keep it in the hoop and hang it on the wall. You've no doubt seen some of the pictures and these are some of my favourites. This one from Purlbee is fab and despite just being swatches of fabric is really effective and lovely to look at.

And then there are these fab ones from Three red apples. I love the freehand machine embroidery look. 

And finally these with doillys from Dainty Loops. Interesting effect isn't it.


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