Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wednesday 8th February

Today my heart is part of something else... a bird! A variation on my logo really, a bird with a slightly rounder tum and a heart for a wing.

I started with a sketch and then have been trying to bring it to life to make it into a cushion cover. The power cuts earlier in the week have somewhat scuppered me in a variety of ways. Not only in managing to make my hearts but also getting other jobs done around the house in evenings. (Evenings are so precious when you work all day). So I'm posting this as a part finished project, to be completed by February 14th. I didn't want to end up rushing the embroidery parts late at night and then ruining the whole thing.

And finally I wanted to share this lovely picture with you. After looking at the freehand embroidery hoops last night I realised that I'd never posted about my own little treat. Given to me for my birthday last month by a very dear friend, it was the perfect gift and looks great on the shelf in my craft room.

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