Monday, 13 February 2012

Heart Number 12

First day of the half term at home with the girls but a couple of errands to run, including taking Caoimhe for her first trip to vets. Poor soul.

I have gone for a simple one today. Some might say a cheat I guess.

Ever since Cait was small I've really quite liked Hama beads. There is something quite therapeutic about putting the beads on the boards and then watching the patchwork emerge. Niamh had some in her stocking this year from Father Christmas and we made some lovely flowers. 

Today it has to be a large heart.

We were all crafting at the table listening to music. Unfortunately Niamh didn't manage to stay interested long enough to finish anything and I had to keep sliding along the table so as not be knocked! Regardless, it's been a lovely afternoon. 

So... from this......

....... to this. All in moments.

Finished and mounted on a simple cheap canvas but looking great.

We've a whole day at home tomorrow (no errands needing to be done) so happy crafting here we come!


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