Friday, 3 February 2012

3rd February....

Today may be my favourite project so far. Accepting I've only been at this three days!

I wanted a twist on the paper theme and to use unusual papers. So I set about cutting up an old map book of France after we updated for our hols last year. I didn't want the garland strings to be flat and 2 dimensional but I was pretty sure that I don't have the patience for cutting, folding and then sticking each one. My trusty sewing machine came to the rescue.

I stitched pairs of them together into strings of differing lengths, leaving small gaps between. I also remembered to leave long starting threads so that they could easily be tied onto my piece of driftwood. Once sewn together and hung I then folded the hearts along the stitch line to get each side sitting at a right angle to each other.

With the bleached driftwood and the whites and blues of the french map I love the final look and find it really calming and peaceful to look at. Because the hearts are so lightweight they also tend to rotate  quite slowly and gracefully in the gentlest of air movements when hung free.


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