Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday Fun

Even though we've still got the weekend together it feels like the beginning of the end of the half term.  Determined to get out this afternoon this morning was the last chance to do some making before work resumes Monday. I possibly should have got on with those buttons on Mr B's coat but unfortunately he wore it to work! I possibly should have finished the cushion but instead I made myself a brooch.

It started on Wednesday when Cait and I spent a lovely day in London together. We snooped in VV Rouleaux and I bought some wired ribbon and some gorgeous velvet ribbon. They had so many colours to choose from it was hard to decide. (If you love trimmings and you've never been you really should - a real treat). We then popped over MacCulloch and Wallis for snoop number two. You possibly couldn't get two more diverse stores. We spent the rest of the day heading towards Covent Garden and slightly more mainstream shopping.

Anyway, this morning I put my ribbons on the table and found my box of bits. Bits from old jewellery and brooches. Having made my ribbon flower, which I had always envisaged being the base for the brooch, I then added some embellishments and a few bits of the velvet ribbon to end up with this.

The centrepiece is a really old broken brooch that I got years ago in a mixed bag of bits from a lovely old shop down in Hastings Old Town. Put away for an unknown project one day, today was it's day!

This afternoon was beach combing at Birling Gap. The sea air smelt great and the only downside was that we hadn't got out early enough to do the trip real justice. But we did get some lovely fresh air and came back with a bag of treasures including driftwood and those ever popular pebbles with holes in!


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